​A list of consultants and contractors qualified to work in activities related to small solar PV systems

It should be noted that the "Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority" provides a list of contractors and consultants qualified by the Qualification Committee who have completed the requirements related to the​ ​​ installation, operation and maintenance of small PV systems, who have passed the qualification ​requirements such as training course requirements a​nd possess the necessary qualifications and skills. The Authority shall not be responsible for any professional or ordinary consultations or technical or professional directions provided by the consultant / contractor, or for any injuries, damages or losses, or for approving any designs that do not conform to the specifications. It shall also not be held responsible for construction, installation works, delays, or any negative effects that may r​​esult from the services provided by the consultants and contractors included in this list. ​​​

Contractors & Consultants ​​

​Contractors & Consultants Qualifi​cation Guide​

Contractors and Consultants Registration

Contractors and consultants wishing to provide their services through this portal and add their names to the list of qualified contractors and consultants, can submit their request via the e-mail of the committee (pvdg-qualification@moenergy.gov.sa), attaching the documents and data shown in the contractors and consultants qualification guide. ​​​